Hi, I'm Luke!

      I’m a filmmaker and producer based in Central California. I grew up with a passion for music and photography. Fast forward to today, I’ve found videography and producing to be the perfect blend of the two and am grateful to have it be my vocation.

      My faith in Jesus is the foundation of who I am, and am passionate about inspiring others to live intentional and wholehearted lives.

      My mom was my biggest fan of all my creative endeavors up until she passed away from cancer. Photography was her main hobby, and today I hope to continue her legacy of capturing beautiful moments.

Fun Facts

  • Visited 16 countries
  • Has a BA in music tech and BM in music education
  • Loves the outdoors and often goes backpacking, kayaking, biking…
  • Makes handmade leather goods
  • Plays 16 instruments
  • Performed in Carnegie Hall
  • Lives in a Tiny House
  • Taught JH & HS tech, videography, and robotics for 2 years
  • Tech directed for a church for 2 years